Our Methodology

The age between 7–13 years is the golden period where athletes are formed as people and players. It is in this age where training in reduced spaces and its aspect of competition, futsal, becomes a means for the player to improve his capacity and speed in decision making process during the game, as to say: 'learn to play reading the game quickly and intelligent '.

Our training methodology has primary target to form intelligent and creative players using:
  • Teaching the game of football through futsal using 'tactical concepts' age–appropriate in a way that the child knows apply during the game, first starting with the reduced spaces and then applying those in larger spaces.
  • Very quick decision making process reading every game situation through training tasks with change attack–defense proper of Futsal.
  • Use of the Technical skills and, 'applied technical skills' in futsal integral training situations, avoiding the repetitive analytical technical learning as the only means of training.
The golden rule that directs our learning process is the MOTIVATION and surely it grows with:
  • Increasing CONTACT WITH BALL. Futsal increases contact with the ball 6 times more than traditional football (Dan Coyle Key Talent Book. Editorial Planeta 2.009).
  • THE GOAL. Philosophy 'nor a child without a goal' in every training. The goal as a vehicle for learning.
  • 'Meaningful and fun learning'. The child finds learning fun, he finishes training eager to return. The fun is directly connected with learning and this is a golden rule for us in the early ages.
Our teaching style is based on the 'TROUBLESHOOTING', as to say children guided by coaches / trainers or by themselves, to discover the solutions in each game situation of attack and defense, only then learning will be significant and lasting.
POSITIVE THINKING is a milestone of our training methodology.
We are in general coaches of “mistake and punishment '(stopping training almost 90% to correct mistakes and saying things like' no; so no; exactly the opposite; very bad; do not do that so, I said a thousand times; and never win in that way; you don’t learn anything; how i have to say to make you understand?? ... ').
We will act and teach in a way the child will learn through positive reinforcement, 'positive freeze' as an element that fills 100% of internal tank of SELF–CONFIDENCE and will transfer that positive energy to let him making decisions without fear of being wrong.
The important thing is to create technical and tactical behaviors, and then provide that process of learning these behaviors of high quality technicaltactical skills (where, how, when, why ...) for each game situation.
In short, we offer a way of training not only to explore the world of football, but through futsal build better technical/tactical football players, more rapid in making decision process with a better reading of the game through the domain of game situation in reduced spaces.
Futsal could improve attack situation: 
ball possession throughout the game between the lines, desmark, finalization, the technique skills during real game situation...
Defense situations: the pressure after losing the ball, the defensive position and marking within the area as a way to prevent goals. 
The set pieces: corner, kick in and free kick as a mechanism to make goals, in situations not generally exploited in football.

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