Introdution to FutsalSolutions

FutsalSolutions is a young Italian/Spanish methodology Football and Futsal development company.
The company was founded by like–minded individuals who share the desire to teach how “improve” the level of the game and to reach high level results through a well structured coaching and general skills programs.
The main target of our company is to develop the game of Futsal where it already exists and help it take root where it doesn’t and through our Futsal Methodology translated to football build Football Superstar.
Our company acts as Project Manager for a variety of Futsal related projects throughout Asia and Europe till now, but with a plan to grow and spread all the world.
The company is dedicated to the long term with its partners, the ones who benefit from our services. 
The main goal is offering the best solutions and developing relationships with our partners.
The strength of FutsalSolutions are the fact of having a highly qualified technical staff with international experience, a working methodology with a  very wide range of programs that ensure optimum quality standards, freedom to operate in any market at any time and the ability to adapt to the needs of their partners, always respecting the particularities of each culture/community.


The purpose of Futsal Solution is to provide Futsal and Football clubs, Federations, Private organizations with a well structured quality coaching and general skills programs delivered predominantly by high level formation coaches with years of international experience in teaching and coaching.
Through our practices, camps, clinics, programs, consultancies individual and small group training we will prepare our clients to reach the highest level results in futsal, to improve their teams, to develop futsal in their countries.
Register now or simply send us an email info@futsalsolution.com or call the office today and we will be in touch to see how we can improve your team, your personal abilities in playing or coaching, overall results and performance.


Real Ancaria C5

Athina 90

Bez Nazwy

Qatar Sport Club

Brilyan Sport Futsal

Brilyan Sport Technology

Chonbur Blue Wave

Floria 2000

Floria Gafir

Olympiada Futsal


Yuan Dynasty

Rattana Bundit University


Vietnam Football Federation

Japan Football Association

Thailand National Football Team

Uzbekistan Football Federation

Uzbekistan Futsal Association








Swiss Football Association


Associazione Cantonale Ginevra Football


Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng F.C.


High Quality and Maximum Safety

All FS  programs provide high quality standards in order to offer an excellent service and to ensure the achievement of the desired goals in each one of them. Quality indicators refer to the technical program that will be applied depending on the profile of athletes, on the human resources that managers run depending on the number of players, on the sports facilities that will be developed, and so on.
FS  ensures the smooth running of all programs where they are performed, always respecting high quality standards. 
FS  has its own Child Protection Policy and Code of Good practices.
The health and safety of participants in various programs that bear the stamp of FS  is our main concern, especially when it comes to under–age athletes.
FS  ensures that all their coaches are well aware of both of them and are committed to strict compliance with our policy for the development of any of its projects.
FS  has the necessary mechanisms to ensure proper compliance of both policies, ensuring a rigorous selection process for staff and also the non–admission of people who do not comply with the professional and personal profile.